blog writing guide for doctors

If you are a medical practitioner and able to read this write-up on a computer or a mobile device, then we are sure that you should be able to write your blog soon.

The term “weblog” what we generally term it as “blog” is an informal form of writing on any topic by an individual or a group for their website in frequent intervals.

For a medical practitioner, the blog is a powerful tool to express your experiences and knowledge with thousands of patient communities around the world. All you need to know is how to create and publish a web page. To make it simple there are many web hosts, who help in creating an interface tool or web publishing tools, where the users can just type-in their content and with a click, you can publish your blog such as “WordPress’’. A blog is a combination of image, video, audio, content, external links to other website or blogs related to the subject. A personal blog for a medical practitioner is a good means of the online branding of a physician, clinic or a hospital. A blog allows the readers to express their views and comments online and, also interact with the doctors, these features are the highlights to gain popularity. Also blogging is a means for social networking, It helps doctors to build social relationships with their readers, peers or a specialist of the same domain.

Note: there are many blogs which also do not allow the reader to comment. You can publish very short posts which are known as “micro blogging”.

One characteristic of the blog is, all your posts are displayed in reverse chronological order. Thus, remember your latest posts are on the top on your web page.

Blog – A marvel web tool for Medical Practitioner to communicate with patient community
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