A throwback term heard from ages when news media used printing method for the news story. The Course of action of publication and distribution channel has evolved with the digital era.

Other Terminologies used for press releases are press statement, news releases, media releases or video releases in the form of written or recorded statement by professional to the targeted members.

It should outline the news story in a journalistic style that contains information which Communicates the “W’s” and the “H” clearly.

What? Who? When? Where? Why? How?

Getting extra mileage is the core intention of all press releases, so one need to emphasize more on search friendly and shareable.

Basic structure your press release should contain.

  • Compelling and interesting Headline
  • Covers “W’s” and the “H” clearly. (What? Who? When? Where? Why? How? )
  • Appealing Quotable calling attention to the announcement
  • Valuable background Information which needs to be short, clear and in simple language that helps to convey your message to targeted audience with a link to your website page
  • Free from Error
  • Use it as sales tool that generates audiences and prospects; it’s a valuable marketing content that lives in public domain than taking it as solely a press release

Is there any specific time to distribute a PR press release?

To be very precise there is no optimal timing for press release until it doesn’t have any specific news which has to be out there in particular time.

No matter which day or time but never miss out the good reasons for PR to gain the extra mileage like

  • Launch of new extension
  • New staff or doctors
  • New Service
  • Award Receiving
  • Publishing new research article
  • Social awareness causes and services
  • Product launch or update existing products
  • New partnership association
  • Re-branding

So it’s time to get it down the announcement you got in mind and share with your audiences you care about, industry and build brand awareness for your product or services.

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