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In today’s competitive world, having the right online presence, serves as a valuable asset in brand building. Just look around yourself and notice the impact of the internet on our daily life. Everyone turns to the internet for help. Be it a college going teen or an office going adult, and even the elderly. Everybody gathers information at their fingertips from websites.

The World Wide Web shapes our opinions and decisions literally! This means that you are missing out on a large piece of the pie if you lack a strong online medium. Consider the web world as a nonstop marketing wing of your practice that is at work even while you sleep.   With that being said having an online presence is just not enough. You need to ensure that you pass on the appropriate information to your viewers.

Are you wondering how internet marketing increases patient inflow? How to have a website which guides the often confused clients to knock your door for beneficial treatment?

Website vendors contribute significantly towards shaping the right reputation of a doctor on the internet. It helps to partner with the right website vendor to multiply your success by the power of the internet.

Though pricing is the foremost factor on anyone’s mind while choosing a vendor. It is highly suggested that you avoid cheap traps and focus on cost effectiveness.

Vendor Evaluation

It is understandably difficult for a doctor to choose the right vendor from a market full of companies fighting for your attention. Most often you may consult your fellow colleagues or refer the internet yourself. Let’s go through some essential points to help you in your selection process to choose the BEST from the rest.

A pretty face sure is good, but consumers today are well informed. Consumers are looking for soul. So don’t merely select your vendor on the basis of their pretty designs. Dig deeper into their experience and knowledge in the field of IT operations of health care professionals.

  1. Assess the Company Strength
  • Ask others or read feedback about the vendor to check what kind of market appeal the vendor has.

Top 5 Factors to gauge the strength of a vendor

  1. If the vendor has been in the industry from many years.
  2. If the vendor has skilled staff
  3. If the vendor delivers work on time
  4. If the vendor has commitment to your values and ethics
  5. If the vendor has genuine content and absence of gimmicks

Once you are sure of the strength of the vendor you have chosen, it will help you in understanding the quality of their technical solutions and ability to deliver.

  • Ask if they have well qualified medical writers in their organization.
  • Check whether they have a strong financial record.
  • Make sure that you are not selecting an individual designer, on a freelance basis, for designing and developing your site. It is difficult for a single person to handle visual and technical elements. Both elements makeup an effective web presence. More over depending on an individual, you would be at risk of losing your investment.
  1. Understand their Working Style
  • Look for a vendor with broad expertise who can enhance your understanding on business, branding and other topics that you as a doctor may not be aware of.
  • Ensure if your website is the first site the vendor is creating or if they have sufficient work experience and have worked on other similar websites in their career.
  • Look at the samples of previous work. .A good vendor shows his all past working experiences and working styles.
  • Try to understand the work style of the vendor. This will help you understand the potential and expected outcome of your website.
  • Look whether they are able to create the site according to your desired style.
  • Check whether their ideas are at a level you are comfortable with.
  • Enquire whether they maintain specific standards to develop their practice.
  1. Evaluate their Content

Some vendors provide the information which looks good at surface. However a look under the hood reveals a shallow shell. You need to verify if the information provided by the vendor is genuine or not. If it is genuine, you need to find out how much amount they would charge for providing the information.

You need to know whether they update the information as and when needed. How often they are updating it and also the factors which decide the frequency for updating.

Look whether they can provide the necessary health information and keep it updating as and when required.

  1. Assess their Design

Ensure their design portfolio is of good size and diverse. This means you can choose from a range of different designs and options for your website. Check whether their designs are readable when you look at them.

  • Look whether they are spending enough time in understanding your website goals.
  • Ask the vendor how their designs differ from others.
  • You have to check their process of design approval and how long they take it for the approval.
  • Look whether they offer image process, eye catchy graphics.
  • Ensure whether they work on the images you already have.
  • You should also ask how much experience they have in making animated videos.
  • Make sure the vendor has the required features and capabilities you required and how they differ from others.
  1. Determine usability and the ease to use

Ensure the user interface looks good and optimized. Find out if the websites developed by them previously are mobile compatible.

  • Look whether their print design snap your eyes around.
  • Check whether their designs are easy to use and fast loading.
  1. Check for Responsiveness

Be sure how long does it take for them to respond to your queries. Make sure you know when and who you can reach on whenever you need something to be done. Be sure whether the vendor you are choosing is proactive. Suggest necessary updates to keep your site current. The best vendors work with their customers to keep the site fresh and suggest necessary changes. If they don’t respond you on the right time if they are slow in responding you, look for another vendor.

  1. Enquire about support and maintenance
  • Be clear what the vendor offers for supporting and maintaining your site.
  • Ask whether they charge more for the support or do they charge for the changes they made in your site.
  • Ask whether the upgrades are included in the maintenance charges.
  • Make sure whether they provide you 24/7 support.

Check list to evaluate vendor performance

Your many doubts and confusions on the topic are now cleared. Happy browsing and impressive online reputation!

The Doctor’s Guide to Evaluating Website Vendors