Who is the typical [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] client?

  1. A Physician who wants to showcase his/her clinical expertise to the community in order to build a circle of trust and generate enquires/ appointments
  2. Clinic’s /Small Hospitals - who want to do digital marketing but find it be to very expensive or not convinced by agency / freelancers background or expertise
  3. Physician/ Clinic’s /Small Hospitals – who look for medical marketing specialist to understand their unique requirement and seeking professional support
  4. IV. Physician/ Clinic’s /Small Hospitals – who have little budget and resources to manage their digital marketing
  5. Physician/ Clinic’s /Small Hospitals – who seek world class delivery at affordable pricing

How does the [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] work?

It’s simple.

Sorry, it’s a not an automation tool or ready-to-build to website tool.

[Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] is a bundled digital marketing solution. We custom build your website and social media marketing strategy. Once you are convinced about the [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] solution and on the receipt of the first milestone payment, we follow the below process to deliver a world-class digital marketing solution.

Step- 1:_Understanding your business and its objectives. Our team will talk to you over the telephone/ Skype/Web-conference to learn more about: who you are; the services you offer and overall objective.

Step- 2:_Information gathering. Online branding and positioning is all about content. We would require your professional details, your staff (if any), and infrastructure, area of specialization, services offered, publications, accreditation, credentials, and laurels. Also, you may share any video, newspaper clips, patient testimonials, news or whatever content you have. You can think of sharing as much as content keeping 15 pages limit in mind.

Step- 3:_Preparation of Information Architecture. Based on the base content shared, we will prepare the blue print for website and its information flow, taking care of usability standards.

Step- 4:_Content proofing and editing. Our expert medical writers will review the content shared by you and make it publish ready for your website.

Step- 5:_Visual prototypes (website design): Custom designs will be shared for your approval.

Step- 6:_Social Media Marketing set-up will be carried out. This includes:

  1. Preparation of Social Media Strategy
  2. Preparation of Content Strategy for online marketing
  3. Market Research
  4. Cover page design for uniform branding (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+)
  5. Blog Design and Development
  6. Creating Group
  7. Joining relevant groups
  8. Optimization
  9. Reputation Review
  10. Identify Key Influencers
  11. Implementing Analytics
  12. Integration with website

Step- 7:_Within 5 -10 days (Depending on your turn around), the project will be LIVE.

How do I get started?

Get in touch by filling our contact us form (Online media writing form). We will touch base with you at the suggested date and time.

Before starting the work, we would like to learn about your practise / clinic and expectations and take you through the detailed scope of our solution. We want to be double sure that the [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] solution can help you and add value to your business. If the expectation and delivery wavelength matches, we will move forward.

On receipt of the first milestone payment, we would start unbundling the [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] solution and customize as per your unique requirement.

What [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] solution consists of?

[Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] consist of the following:


  1. Custom design, Responsive / Mobile website – Up to 15 pages
  2. Appointment scheduler
  3. Blog
  4. Ask your doctor
  5. Custom Social Media Pages creatives design
  6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  7. Dedicated Account Manager
  8. AMC
  9. Social Media Marketing and Management – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest.
  10. Social Media Marketing (Set-up)
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Content Strategy for Online Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Cover page Creatives for Uniform Branding (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Instagram)
    • Blog Development
    • Creating Group
    • Joining Relevant Groups
    • Optimization
    • Reputation Review
    • Identify Key Influencers
    • Implementing Analytics
    • Integration with Website

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There are 1000 shops / professionals next door. Why choose [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box]?

It’s always better if you have someone next door.

Choosing a right digital marketing vendor can be stressful and confusing.

Following criteria may be helpful to select the right one for your business:

  1. Are they accountable?
  2. Any guarantee of quality?
  3. Any guarantee on the delivery time?
  4. Are they qualified to handle medical/dental /patient care domain?
  5. Do they have team of strategist, medical writers, designers, technology and social media professionals?
  6. Importantly, can they meet [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] value pricing and standard?
  7. Last but not the least, what about the “confidentiality”?

Why [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box]?

  1. Affordable Pricing

    HealthBrio serves as an extension of your marketing division with out increasing your in-house marketing staffs, hence lowering your cost, providing timely and quality delivery of services.

  2. Quality

    It comes by-default when you choose HealthBrio. Quality is believed to be the basic requisite for providing better service, and those failing to deliver it are considered out of the race. Therefore, we focus on providing excellent and splendid customer experience.

  3. In-House Design, Marketing, and Technology Team

    We design and develop websites and marketing solutions to meet your unique business demands and objectives.

  4. Functional Understanding

    Team of Subject Matter Experts from Healthcare domain

  5. Writers

    Our writers help articulating your story, reflecting your brand essence.

  6. Strategic Marketing

    We offer strategic marketing services to our clients that benefit them at various stages of the business lifecycle - Gestation, Inception, Pilot Stage, Roll Out, Growth, Expansion and Maturity.

  7. Trusted supplier and partner

    The provider of medical content since 2008, InfocusRx is a trusted supplier and partner to:

    • Thousands of physicians and nurses in hospitals and private practice, Large online portals
    • Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide
    • Major healthcare IT companies
    • Market research
    • Payers
    • World's leading publication houses providing educational content for medical and scientific resources
    • Healthcare conferences
    • Universities

How much does [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] cost?

Please read: click here to read

Is your pricing annual basis or monthly basis?

It’s monthly basis. We take set-up fees of Rs.35, 000 and monthly fees (as per your service preference). Read:

What happens if a monthly fee is not paid?

We understand there might be some reason for the delay. You may email us or talk to our executives and tell them the likely date of making the payment. We will not hold or stop the service.

What if I want to terminate the contract?

It will be very unfortunate to lose you. However, we will make sure all your files, data, access credentials are shared to you on request. If required, we will be happy to train or handover the process to another agency or resources you have hired.

You work for so many physicians / clinics like us… How do you take care of confidentiality and offer custom solution?

Yes, Client confidentiality is a core commitment of our trusted service. We have been into the business of medical communication for more than 10 years. confidentiality and delivery of promises makes us successful and sustainable company working with world’s best enterprises. We have operational excellence process and project management in place to deliver promises. Please read our Terms and Conditions, all work remains entirely confidential including project instructions and any assets you provide.

I have some idea/ plan; can you help me determine whether a social media marketing campaign will help me reach my online marketing goals?

Sure. Our team will be happy to talk to you to understand your requirement and propose strategies and platforms based on your budget.

Let’s Connect Now!

I am regular in posting pictures, updates/ news on social media platforms … Do I still need to hire an expert for social media?

Many of us do this mistake, of thinking social media marketing as posting few updates and clips. Social Media Marketing requires constant and right proposition content for broadcasting, engagement and interaction with the target audience. An effective social media management involves an understanding of the audience, competitors and carefully crafting well-thought out plan to maximise results.

I don’t have any understanding of social media and don’t even have any profiles set up?

No problem, our expert team will help in setting-up your social media profile including content creation and getting the design elements you need. In fact, it is part of the [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] solution package.

I am interested in getting more likes and followers. How can you help?

Surprisingly, this is the most common request when people think of social media marketing. Please understand it’s not numbers that matter. What matters is being genuine, growing steadily and building the right followers. We don’t recommend buying followers or likes, just to showcase large numbers through paid means. These numbers are of no use to your business if people aren’t actually interested in or engaged with your business.

We focus on building the right connections and providing value; not simply boosting the number of likes and followers.

Do you provide tracking and reports?

With the [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] solution, you will get a monthly report that gives insight on your social media activity. Our team carefully studies tracking report and monitors social interactions to develop further engaging strategies. The social media changes constantly, and the team needs to constantly work towards improving results by understanding what’s working and where some changes are required.

We have someone in-house, who does some social media activity, but they lack expertise or are not full time into managing the accounts. Can we work together?

Absolutely, our team can work with your team member to streamline the process and help in building content strategy. We would be happy to customize our services to fit with your needs.

Can we outsource all of our internet marketing needs to you?

Absolutely. We act as the marketing department for many of our clients. Please contact us for details.

Where are you located?

We are located in Hyderabad, India and Dallas, Texas, USA.

How long have you been in business?

Started on 13 Feb 2007.

How do you deal with confidentiality concerns?

When you work with us, confidentiality is 100% assured. We’re more than happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required. We’re committed to upholding our strong reputation for integrity.

Can I upgrade/migrate my existing website?

[Clinic-Branding-in-a-box] is an online branding and positioning solution for your digital marketing goals. Our experts will connect you to evaluate your current website and recommend what works best for your objective.

Can I try [Clinic-Branding-in-a-box] before I pay the first milestone payment?

We would love to share ‘Visual Prototype’ for your website at “ZERO FEE”. Rest of the services and deliverables of [Clinic-Branding-in-a-box] are highly customizable and unique which requires honest effort and set-up cost.

Can I get discount?

Discount – we all love. [Clinic-Branding-in-a-box] solution is highly discounted and offered at an affordable pricing.

If you are able to get a pricing less than our pricing, we would be happy to offer you a discount.

I already have a website and am happy with it. Can I avail only Social Media package from you?

The website plays a very crucial role in your online branding and positioning. Our experts would like to review your website and recommend what works best for you.

For Social Media Services :Please connect.

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