Our Mission is to support your practice / clinic with high-quality content for your online branding and positioning.

Today’s digital world seeks every medical/ dental practitioner/ clinics to be a digital media specialist – but not everyone has the time to write, design, code and strategize digital content. HealthBrio’s [Clinic-Branding-in-a-Box] can help.

Powered by a passionate team of medical communication specialist, expert medical editorial staff, copywriters, medical creative designers, and programmers, dedicated account managers, who understand medical domain, marketing specialist and digital media experts

Why HealthBrio?

Affordable Pricing

HealthBrio serve as an extension of your marketing division with out increasing your in house marketing staffs, hence lowering your cost, providing timely and quality delivery of services.


It comes by-default when you choose HealthBrio. Quality is believed to be the basic requisite for providing better service, and those failing to deliver it are considered out of the race. Therefore, we focus on providing excellent and splendid customer experience.

In-House Design, Marketing, and Technology Team

We design and develop websites and marketing solutions to meet your unique business demands and objectives.

Functional Understanding

Team of Subject Matter Experts from Healthcare domain


Our writers helps articulating your story, reflecting your brand essence.

Strategic Marketing

We offer strategic marketing services to our clients that benefit them at various stages of the business lifecycle - Gestation, Inception, Pilot Stage, Roll Out, Growth, Expansion and Maturity.

Trusted supplier and partner

The provider of medical content since 2008, InfocusRx is a trusted supplier and partner to:

  • Thousands of physicians and nurses in hospitals and private practice, Large online portals
  • World's leading Publication houses providing educational content for medical and scientific resources
  • Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide
  • Healthcare conferences
  • Major Healthcare IT companies
  • Universities
  • Payers

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